We've got a small bar here so have had to think carefully about what we stock. That means we sell what we believe is the best in class: the best IPA, the best cider, the best session lager, the best premium lager and the best stout.

Draught (keg)

Prahva: our best selling draft and with good reason. At 4% it's a session lager but with a taste that exceeds any other we've tried in this bracket.

Staropramen: at 5% this is Prahva's premium big brother.

Vedet IPA: tastes bloody great but at 5.5% it's not to be taken lightly!

Hogan's Original: made just down the road from us in Warwickshire and weighing in at 4.5%

Guinness: needs no introduction. 4.1%

Cask ales

We do rotate our ales a little, but generally have two, three or four of the following:

Citra: Grapefruit flavours and a dry, bitter finish. 4.2%.

Doombar: Britain's best selling ale and for very good reason. At 4% you can have a few, go on.

Complete Muppetry: from the Two Tower's brewery just 1 mile away. 4.3%

Electric Ale: another Two Towers ale, originally brewed for the Electric Cinema

Hockley Gold: 

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